What Should You Do?

  • Conviction is serious

    The consequences for an aggravated robbery conviction are serious. If you are facing these charges, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively for you by reviewing all the facts and evidence in your case, interviewing witnesses, and meticulously reviewing the police reports.

  • DWI is no joke

    If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated you should seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. You may be facing some serious consequences if you are convicted. Your attorney can help lighten the punishment or seek to get it overturned.

  • there is hope

    The Deferred Prosecution Program in Tarrant County, Texas offers low risk individuals who meet the program's requirements, the opportunity for a second chance. To see if you qualify for this unique second-chance program, contact your legal defense counselor or lawyer.

For a free evaluation of your legal case in Texas, schedule an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney today. All tarrant county criminal defense lawyers understand Texas law and the county court system process.